1 Oct 2011 - DoneCal.com source code released

All the code of DoneCal is now released on GitHub at https://github.com/peterbe/worklog.

2 Jan 2011 - DoneCal.com international visitors

Interesting blog on Peterbe.com about where DoneCal users come from.

1 Jan 2011 - AM/PM or 24 hour time format

It is now possible to change if you prefer AM/PM or 24 hour time format for your calendar.

31 Dec 2010 - Email reminders

A new feature is available to enter events simply by replying to a regular Email reminder.

19 Dec 2010 - Use a # sign to tag

Voices have been heard! You can now tag your events with a # sign instead of an @ sign.

17 Dec 2010 - Three new Help pages

Check out Google Calendar, Feature requests and the page about Secure passwords.

15 Dec 2010 - Calendar view of choice remembered in a cookie

If you change month or change to a week view it used to be that this was encoded in the current URL as an anchor link. Now it's just stored in a cookie instead so that you automatically return to the view you last time.

2 Dec 2010 - Change of default window for events in API

Before the API would allow you to send in events that were not all day events with and date equal to the start date.
See About dates when posting in the API docs.

28 Nov 2010 - Feature requests page

Lots of improvements can always be made but it's best if which features are added is based on what people want the most.
On Feature requests logged in users can vote up their most desired feature requests.

27 Nov 2010 - Resizing events across multiple weeks

You can now make events longer than one week by dragging and resizing them across multiple weeks.

24 Nov 2010 - Logging in with Google account

You can use your Google account now to both register and to log in. Means you don't have to remember which email address or what password you chose for DoneCal.