DoneCal vs. Google Calendar

Personally, I use DoneCal to track what I have done (e.g. hours spent on a support job) and Google Calendar to track what I will do (e.g. meeting at Cafe 10.30am next Tuesday).

When you realise that DoneCal is a database of event entries with a calendar as the user interface it becomes more clear what the distinction is.

Google Calendar

  • A calendar with lots of powerful features
  • Ability to see shared calendars
  • Ability to import calendars from other web services (i.e. CalDAV)
  • Great reminders (email, SMS, popups) for when events are about to happen
  • Interfaces and syncs with various mobile devices
  • A powerful but complex API


  • Ability to tag entered events easily
  • A simple and powerful calendar interface for entering and editing events
  • Reporting capabilites per month, per week or per day
  • Excel and CSV export functions
  • A super simple API for programmatically entering events
  • A bookmarklet for quickly entering events in the browser